£523,045 RAISED


Through sales of £621,785, we have raised over £500,000 for the Trussell Trust after postage and printing are deducted. This was only possible through the support and generosity of all the artists who contributed and everyone who spread the word and bought a print. A statement from the Trussell Trust on how all the funds raised will be allocated will be published in the coming week.

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Photographs for the Trussell Trust is a print sale of work by British and UK based photographers with 100% of proceeds going towards the Trussell Trust to help those who have been largely affected by the economic and social crisis as a consequence of the Covid-19 health emergency.

We want to thank all of the wonderful artists for generously donating a piece of their work towards this initiative.

We would especially like to thank Cos at Labyrinth Photographic, Mitra Tabrizian, Jamie Reid and Tom Shickle for their boundless enthusiasm and support in making this possible.

We also want to thank all the staff at theprintspace London.

We hope to bring together the creative community in the effort of supporting the Trussell Trust food banks in this moment of crisis.

Thank You,

Alexandra, Bianca and Simon